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Share your ideas on here :)

Hey guys, here you can collaborate, pitch your idea etc.


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    Ideas from Jan 5th meeting

    1. Stress-based pedals - RON
    2. Follow your friend app (how to follow a car in front of you) - followme/breadcrumb/caravan
    3. /retrofitting cars with awareness and driving habit altering technology
    4. awareness app that tracks your activity while driving and gives you a report - time spent texting/calling/on apps
    5. weather app - hydroplaning fix??

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    Idea: turning your daily grind/commute into a points-based game. Points earned based on average fuel economy for the past x days, driver's health-based data (# of steps walked etc), car's service record, time spent in slow traffic etc. App will have accelerometer-based inputs - so, inputs are accepted only when car is stationary. Prizes - discount coupons for service stations, health stores.

  • Manager   •   over 7 years ago

    Ray Gallagher - CopsSpotter Police app. One click you notify that cops are in the area.

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